How The Buying Process Works

Our company works to make the buying process as simple and efficient as possible.

For people interested in purchasing land from us, the process is simple.

Step 1: Click the “VIEW DETAILS” Button

Once you’ve found a property that interests you.  Review all of the information pertaining to the property.  Take a look at the pictures and maps that are posted and take some time to research the area.

Step 2:  Click the “INVEST NOW” Button

Click the ‘Invest Now’ button for the listing you have selected. You’ll be directed to a secure payment form where you can enter the type of payment you would like to make.  Currently we accept the following forms of payment: Wire Deposit and cashier’s check.  We will be able to accept payment by credit or debit card at some time in the future.

We will make arrangements to exchange the proper information to complete the transaction.

Once payment is received, we will prepare the deed based on the information that you submitted online.   Once all the documents are done we will mail the deed to you with instructions on how to record it at the County Recorder’s Office.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to forward this documentation, along with a check for the recording fee, onto the County Recorder’s Office. Once all of this has been completed, the property is yours to do with as you please.

Step 3: Creating The New Deed

Within 24 Hours we will reach out to you either by phone or e-mail to confirm we’ve received your payment and to discuss how best to proceed. Typically, once someone has paid for a piece of property it takes two business days before the money is deposited into our account. During this waiting period, we will create a new deed as well as any other county-specific paperwork that is required to convey legal ownership from our company to you. While we will create the documentation during this time, we don’t mail anything until the payment has been fully processed.

Step 4: Mailing You The Deed To Your New Property

Once we’ve confirmed payment, we will sign and notarize everything on our end and mail it to you along with instructions. These instructions may include where to sign or the address for the county recorder’s office and the recording fees they charge.